Deepcast Resin River Table

Deep Cast Clear Casting Resin has been especially formulated for deep casting in one pour making it ideal for resin river tables, also known as live edge tables.

Deep Cast is an un-accelerated clear epoxy casting resin system, which offers a long open time for bubble removal and precise article placement. It avoids high exothermic reaction and the resulting shrinkage after curing.

- Perfect for resin river tables, decorative castings or making paper weights,

- Water Clear casting resin

- Inbuilt UV inhibitors

- Water clear castings

- Mix and pour up to 15 litres in one pour or up to 60mm deep in one pour

- Mixing ratio, by volume 2Litres resin : 1Litre hardener

- Potlife 10 hours

- Curing time 3-4 days, full cure 21 days