Resi-Metal Pastes



Our New Resi-Metal pre-polymer pigments were especially developed as a solvent-free

colour additives which chemically crosslink with the polymer binding resin.

This ensures the metal colour and texture is "locked in" once the resin system has cured.

They can be used to colour most polymer resin systems ( Epoxy, Polyester and Polyurethane)

used within the arts, crafts, flooring and coating industries. We have a selection of 5 colours (see below chart).

The recommended addition amount is 2%-5% by weight (between 2-5 parts per 100).

Even a tiny addition rate will transform clear resins into shimmering metallic colours without interrupting

or altering the resin's curing cycle.

Resi-Metal pigments are solvent free and disperse uniformly & rapidly into clear unfilled epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins,

varnishers, gelcoats, paints or sealers.

They have a much improved resistance to fading compared to conventional metal flakes and powders, as well as excellent storage

stability and water resistance.

The range of colours was carefully selected for colour fastness, blend rate, opacity, heat stability and having the minimum

effect on the setting charateristics of the final resin system