Resi-Tint Max 100gram Pigments

Resi-Tint Max 100gram jars is a range of high quality pre-polymer pigments. The heavy body paste consistency provides a rich colour effect with rapid and uniform dispersion into clear polymer resins. This range is designed to be added to Mastercast 121, Totalcast, Ultra-Cast XT, as well as Deep Cast slow setting casting resin. The chemistry of the pigment formulation​ shows remarkable results in creating cell effects on its own (tests conducted with Mastercast 121). The cells that result are further enhanced by the addition of resi-BLAST Dispersion Additive. We have launched 18 colours to begin with, but intend adding more variants in the near future. Most colours have a BW light fastness rating of 8, the exceptions are red oxide and the Rutile Titanium Dioxide-derived colours (Titanium white, classic red,pure orange). These have light fastness index 6.