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Ultra-Cast XT is a two component optically clear artwork resin, 2:1 mixing ratio. Ultra-Cast XT has a long open working time ( approx. 1.5 hours @ ambient temperature making it beneficial for large areas of coverage ( floors, kitchen worktops, large canases or art boards, coasters etc ). The material cures to a hard and durable finish with an elevated heat resistance of 90-95Deg.C ( for surface contact ). Please allow 10 - 14 days for full cure before placing hot objects on the surface.   Please Note:  The addition of pigments ( inks,powders and pastes) as well as other resin additives (silicone,lubricants,alcohol or solvents) can lower its temperature resistance, this is because pigment substances themselves have a low temperature threshold. The Higher the addition rate of pigments which are added or mixed into Ultra-Cast XT, the more the thermal withstand of the cured mass is lowered and compromised. In this case, we recommend a final clear coat topcoat of Ultra-Cast is applied on top of the pigmented layer to bolster its resistance against hot objects placed on it. Please be advised although our resins are U.V. stabilised this does not mean U.V. proof. Ultimately all our clear epoxy resins will show signs of U.V. degradation over time. We work constantly to improve the U.V. protection however resins are plastics and over time the sun will always win that battle. 


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